Witches Runes - Maple with Tiger's Eye inlay (MTEW1) - Aeon Moon
Witches Runes - Maple with Tiger's Eye inlay (MTEW1) - Aeon Moon
Witches Runes - Maple with Tiger's Eye inlay (MTEW1) - Aeon Moon

Witches Runes - Maple with Tiger's Eye inlay (MTEW1)

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These 13 witches runes were hand crafted in house from hand selected Maple and inlaid with tiger's eye. Each rune is carved, inlaid by hand, and sanded to perfect softness. They are then finished with 100% Tung oil to help protect them. Throughout the process they are being infused with intent. They do come with an instruction booklet that includes methods for reading witches runes and the meanings of each.

Maple is a peaceful wood used for purity and healing. It seeks a strong, devoted companion who cares for others. Excellent for cleansing spells. Maple reveals the options - even those that are hidden in plain sight - which lay before you. It enables you to make sound choices rather than rely on blind luck.

Tiger’s Eye is a remarkable ally for the mind, balancing emotional extremes and allowing scattered thoughts, feelings and information to come together in a way that makes sense. It brings focus and stability, enabling one to make decisions from a place of reason rather than emotion. Tiger’s Eye is ideal for those who are spaced out and uncommitted to find purpose; for those who find it difficult to remain optimistic, it stimulates hope and confidence for the future.

Tiger’s Eye is highly beneficial for resolving dilemmas and internal battles, especially those caused by jealousy, willfulness and pride. It teaches integrity and right use of power, bringing an awareness of one’s needs, as opposed to mere “wants,” as well as understanding the needs of others. It is excellent for healing issues of self-criticism and worth, and unblocks creativity so one may recognize one’s talents and abilities, as well as one’s faults that need to be overcome. It is highly supportive for an addictive personality, increasing personal will to affect positive change, and anchors that change into the physical body.

Combined, these two energies will help guide you through the minefield of self when the answers all seem evasive.

What are witches runes? They're a method of divination that relies upon the 13 symbols carved on the staves. The staves themselves are cast or drawn from a pile and interpreted for their meaning as it relates to a question asked.

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