Norse Runes - Crab Apple (CAN2) - Aeon Moon
Norse Runes - Crab Apple (CAN2) - Aeon Moon
Norse Runes - Crab Apple (CAN2) - Aeon Moon

Norse Runes - Crab Apple (CAN2)

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These 24 runes were hand crafted in house by Jim from Crab Apple trecovered from a property near Sebago Lake in Maine. Each is cut and sanded to perfect softness and the symbols marked pyrographically. They are then finished with Tung oil to help protect them. Throughout the process they are being infused with intent. They do come with an instruction booklet that includes methods for reading Norse runes and the meanings of each.

In folklore, the apple represents immortality, the passage of time, the turning of the wheel and the mysteries of the Goddess. Legendary isles of apples are common and always lie in the west - the place of the dying sun. From its association with the underworld, the apple is seen as a passport to it or symbol of it.

The crab apple is often seen as representing the Goddess as maiden, mother and aswell as crone. It is also seen as important at many different times of the year - the blossom in spring, ripe fruit at Lammas, as a symbol of the setting sun in the west at the point of the autumn equinox, at Samhain the journey through the underworld, contact with the other worlds, divination and intuition, and the bare tree being wassailed at midwinter, the time of the sun's rebirth and the promise of the year to come.

You are purchasing the exact rune set shown in the close up pictures.

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