We were in search of a bag...

Our company was born out of a year long search for the perfect bag to transport and protect our Tarot and Oracle decks as well as any other treasures we may want with us. We searched for anything that was made of the right materials, and was durable. It had to feel “right”, charged with positive energy. We began to think we were the only ones who were being so picky about what we wanted! We soon discovered there were many others looking for the same things. We put in many hours of design trials and errors before finding the perfect one. Aeon Moon was finally born! We use nothing but natural fabrics. The bags we create are made of 100% cotton velvet and all are lined with 100% Silk Dupioni fabric. The double drawstrings and thread are also pure cotton. We feel it’s important not only to use the right materials but also to produce each item with love and gratitude so that nothing but positive energy enters the fibers. We know we'll never become millionaires doing this and really don't want to. We feel strongly that in order to make THESE bags, you have to be making them with love in your heart and a positive energy in your soul. For that reason, they will never be produced in a quantity that surpasses our ability to make them ourselves!

In the past 7 years, we have branched out into other areas of handmade divination items, including runes, pendulum boards, and pagan inspired carvings as well as divination accessories such as pendulums, tarot and oracle cards, and divination books.

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